Restful API

Memopol2 offers a simple Rest API to access nearly all its data. Following the Restful principles it is self describing, starting at the root you'll be able to get everywhere via urls.

You can access the api here:

The best way to play with it is to use curl:

curl "" | python -m json.tool

Note: you can change "json" with either "xml" or "yaml".

We generate a representation of the schema of our data, you can find it here (note: not all what you see on it is accessible via the API, but the vast majority of it).

This API is generated using tastypie, you can read the usage documentation here.

If you aren't interested in Memopol2-related data maybe the dumps from parltarck will be better for you for the European Parliament part or dumps for the french side.

Link to a MEP's page

If you are playing with data from the European Parliament but not Memopol's one and you want to link to MEP's page, you might encounter some issues since we aren't using obvious ids in ours url. To fix this, we offer a simplier API, assuming that you have the MEP's ids of the European Parliament website (the "96744" in this url for example).

The API is:<ep_id>/

For example:

Usable operators: : = != !: > < >= <= AND (default) OR " -